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Burnt Jet

Page Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Site Content
  3. Why "Burnt Jet"?
  4. Navigation and Style
  5. Disclaimer


The "Burnt Jet" web site is currently just an eclectic collection of my miscellaneous pages, images, facilities, etc. - some of which may be restricted to specific logged-in users but all are welcome to browse the open areas.

Site Content

The site's entire contents can be viewed as links under the Site Map.

You might find the following pages of interest:

The image(s) displayed on this page are just place-holders while I develop (one day) a dynamic database driven gallery of some of my "snaps". Click the associated buttons or thumbnails to change the displayed image.

At the moment, this site is simply my own "work in progress" playground and so its content may change arbitrarily and without notice.

Why "Burnt Jet"?

For a brief explanation, see why "Burnt Jet"?, which also contains other information associated with the site's name.

Navigation and Style

Please use the menu tabs at the top of each page to navigate round the content of this site. These pages are structured as sections and sub-sections according to subject and the nested menu tabs will track your current location. Alternatively, all the sections are listed as links under the Site Map. Many pages have their own contents section with links to individual sub-sections and paragraphs.

This site's "style", including layout, font and colours, is defined using CSS. You are welcome to provide feedback using my contact form, although any criticisms you might make of the site's style have probably been made already by my family and friends :-)

This site is optimised for standards compliant browsers, such as: Firefox; Opera; Safari; Google Chrome; and even the current Internet Explorer (IE) to a varied/lesser extent (e.g. I haven't bothered to implement rounded corners in IE). Some aspects and facilities of this site may not appear the same in some other browsers, such as the older versions of Internet Explorer, as little time has been spent catering for their vagaries. Also, some facilities have been turned off for e.g. mobile devices.

Burnt Jet Homepage

This page is best viewed in a web browser that fully supports style sheets (CSS2). You will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser but some aspects may not be optimally rendered.
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